The WOW Factor TV Offer (TVD-167)

The WOW Factor TV Offer (TVD-167)

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The Glory: Experiencing the Goodness of God (Book)

The Glory (3-CD Set)

The glory of God is the goodness of God in extravagant manifestation.  God's design for your life will always include the "WOW FACTOR!"  It will be like a dream coming true.  The English word is WOW; the Bible word is GLORY!

Are you ready for a study on the glory of God?  The glory of God in its simplest form is the goodness of God.  It is His manifest presence and is the one thing that satisfies the human soul.  Experiencing the glory of God will bring the changes you desire.  As believers, God has called us to be carriers of His glory.  As we hunger and cry out for God to show us His glory, we will see His power revealed and manifested.

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