March 2023: How to Have a Meeting with God

March 2023: How to Have a Meeting with God

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How to Have a Meeting With God (2 CD Set)

You cannot have a meeting with God and not know it and not be changed.  Nobody can get closer to God than you can.  The crowning achievement of redemption is so you and I can have a meeting with God.  The blood of Jesus stops every strategy of the enemy.

The Bloodline of a Champion  (Book)

The blood of Jesus is "liquid love" that flows from the heart of God and gives us hope in all circumstances. In this book we will be studying the power of the blood of Jesus.  Not only will we clearly see what the blood has done for us, but also what it does in us as believers.

The blood of Jesus reaches into Heaven's holiest place and it also reaches into man's lowest places. Through faith in the blood of Jesus, we can live in the reality of our redemption which gives real solutions to real problems for real people. By faith we are a part of a new bloodline-The Bloodline of a Champion.

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