Living by Faith (TVD-225)

Living by Faith (TVD-225)

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Faith Opens the Door to the Supernatural  (Book)

Mountain Moving, Giant Killing Faith (4 CD Set)

Believing and speaking opens the door to the supernatural in your life. God has given every believer a measure of overcoming faith. The spirit of faith will take the victim out of your voice and put victory in your voice. Your faith will never rise above the level of your confession. So get a grip on your lip! The moment you act on the Word of God, God makes Himself responsible for your results. The simplest definition of faith is to act like the Bible is true. Faith is motion activated. You are the believer and God is the performer.

If your faith is strong enough to move your mouth, it will move your mountain. Never run at your giant with your mouth shut. The Word of God was spoken before it was written, and it was written so that it might be spoken. The spirit of faith declares the outcome even in the middle of adversity. 

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