Identification, Identified, Identical, Identity TV Offer (TVD-233)

Identification, Identified, Identical, Identity TV Offer (TVD-233)

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Taking Your Place in Christ (Book)

Feed Your Faith (Book)

Everything Jesus did He did for you, and it is set to the credit of your account. 

When you were born again, you did not go from being a lost worm to being a saved worm. You are a new creation in Christ; you are not just a forgiven sinner.

You don't have to wait until you get to heaven to enjoy the benefits of the new birth. You will see who you are NOW in Christ and what you have NOW as a child of God.

In the book, Feed Your Faith, you will find quotes that will feed your faith on these topics: Faith, Confession, In Christ, Righteousness, The Holy Spirit, Generosity, Joy, Love, The Blood of Jesus and more!

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