God's Healing Word TV Offer (TVD-193)

God's Healing Word TV Offer (TVD-193)

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God's Healing Word (Book)

Included in this practical guide to receive your healing, you will find these helpful tools:

Testimonies and practical teaching designed to help you know God's will and to overcome obstacles that may hinder you from receiving your healing.

Healing scriptures and confessions to strengthen your faith in over 80 different translations.

CD of healing scriptures and confessions read by Mark Hankins Accompanies by beautiful, anointed music.

You can school your way into faith for healing by studying and meditation on scriptures on these topics: Healing is God's will; Healing through God's Word; Redeemed from the curse of sickness.

Learn how to: Act on God's Word; Use your authority and receive your healing; Maintain your healing.

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