Faith Laughs at Impossibilities  (TVD-227)

Faith Laughs at Impossibilities (TVD-227)

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The Secret Power of Joy (Book)

Faith Laughs at Impossibilities (4 CD Set)

Heaven conducts its most serious business in an atmosphere of joy!

If you only knew what happens in the spirit when you rejoice, you would rejoice everyday! Joy is one of the great secrets of faith. Joy is the bridge between believing and receiving!

In this book, Mark & Trina Hankins show believers how to bring the heavenly atmosphere of joy into the reality of their daily lives. This triumphant joy brings victory in every circumstance.  Faith laughs at impossibilities - don't doubt, just shout - and God will work it all out. You will see the relationship between the blood of Jesus and joy in the Holy Spirit.  Respond to the prompting of the Holy Spirit and rejoice - watch God turn your life around!

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