Praise Cure TV Offer (TVD-205)

Praise Cure TV Offer (TVD-205)

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God's Healing Word (Book)

The Praise Cure (3 CD Set)

I didn't die. I lived! And now I'm telling the world what God did. Psalm 118:17 MSG 

"If the healing power contained in God's Word can heal me of a brain tumor, you too can be well! He has sent His Word to heal you."

Learn how to: Act on God's Word; use your authority and receive your healing; maintain your healing.

As believers, we share in Jesus' victory and reign in life through His name.  Your praise will cause you to be fully persuaded!  As long as you have a voice, there's no prison that can hold you! Your voice is your address in the spirit.  If unbelief is curable, nothing is incurable!
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