Over and Above Giving...Over and Above Living TV Offer (TVD-232)

Over and Above Giving...Over and Above Living TV Offer (TVD-232)

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How to Receive God's Extravagant Generosity (Book)

Feed Your Faith (Book)

Do you want to see increase in your life? Learning how God thinks about generosity will produce tremendous results! The good news is that no matter your income, no matter what situation you are in today, you can still qualify as generous. Learn how to tap into God's supply and get results. When you put your trust in Him, you can-and will-flourish!

Your giving reflects your heart. It also affects your heart. Your generosity unlocks God's generosity. When you are a generous giver, God does things for you that money cannot do-reaching beyond your finances into every area of your life.

In the book, Feed Your Faith, you will find quotes that will feed your faith on these topics: Faith, Confession, In Christ, Righteousness, The Holy Spirit, Generosity, Joy, Love, The Blood of Jesus and more!
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