Faith Speaks TV Offer (TVD-128)

Faith Speaks TV Offer (TVD-128)

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The Spirit Of Faith: Pioneer Advance is a 4 CD Set #1 Pioneer Advance #2 Faith Is An Act #3 God Is Doing A New Thing #4 Barrier Breaking Faith

It’s time for us to forget the past, keep moving forward and possess new territory. 

A pioneer must know two things: What to take, and what to leave behind, so they can keep moving!

In this book, Faith Opens The Door To The Supernatural, you will learn how believing and speaking opens the door to the supernatural in your life.

God has given every believer a measure of overcoming faith. The spirit of faith will take the victim out of your voice and put victory in your voice.

Your faith will never rise above the level of your confession. So get a grip on your lip!