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Leadership Lessons
Our Price: $10.00
Campmeeting 2017 (CD)
Our Price: $125.00
Supernatural Leadership
Our Price: $15.00
Until your faith changes your attitude, it will never change your life!
All messages from Campmeeting 2016, on a CD, for easy listening at home or on the go. Your purpose must be bigger than your pleasure and your cause greater than your comfort!
With All Of Your Might
Our Price: $15.00
If we will be conscious of the continual sacrifice of the praise and thanksgiving it will open the door to a continual supply of salvation. There is no such thing as unexpressed thanks. Your Sacrifice of thanksgiving connects you to the perfect sacrifice of the blood of Jesus. You cannot cure everyone's unthankfulness, but you can cure yours.

1. Continual Praise - Continual Provision
2. Sacrifice of Praise
There is some assembly required. You get things in the church that you cannot get by yourself! If you will be a generous giver, God will do things for you that money could never do!
The Honor Of God (CD)
Our Price: $20.00
The Gospel of Christ is the supernatural ammunition full of mighty power that we carry to a dying world!
God has an appointed time and a due season for you. When you fulfill the call of God, you will multiply your life a million times. Honor will unlock your greatest potential.
A Vessel of Honor (CD)
Our Price: $10.00
"If you can see the invisible, you can choose the imperishable, and you can do the impossible." -Oral Roberts God gives grace to those who learn how to get down. To forget yourself and act like the Bible is true is an act of getting down. If you press, you possess!
The Servant Leader (CD)
Our Price: $10.00
In this set, learn the wisdom keys for not only successful leadership, but also successful friendships. To be great in the kingdom of God, you have to serve.