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The confession of your lips that has grown out of faith in your heart will absolutely defeat the adversary in every combat. The devil knows more about his defeat than most Christians, because he was there when Jesus triumphed over him and all his works! God has made a way for you to come boldly into His presence and receive your inheritance. Don’t stand at a distance!
That's Perfect (CD)
Our Price: $15.00
Perfect blood brings perfect redemption. Anytime the devil accuses you, you should always say, "I plead the blood." There is no such thing as passive faith. Faith is an act. Faith acts like the Bible is true.
Apply the blood constantly with boldness and full assurance of faith. This will launch you into a new level of victory and blessing. "If you want what God wants for the same reason He wants it, you are invincible." -F.F. Bosworth
Sometimes youšve got to shout the tough stains out of the fabric of your life.