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"...Opening the door to the supernatural..." The signature of the Gospel is “The Blessing.” “The Blessing” In Christ enables us to enjoy the heavenly realities of peace, health, prosperity, strength, and favor.
CROSS SECTION: What you would see if you could take a "knife" and cut through the object to see how the object works on the inside. Moving in faith, speaking in faith, and acting on the word of God will cause miracles to come to pass. The honor of God opens the door of promotion and unlocks the gifts and calling of God in your life.
The enemy will challenge you and cause every kind of difficulty and try and hinder you from receiving your payday and the blessing of the Lord in your life. In this book, you will learn five key factors to Heaven on Earth: the Holy Spirit, The Glory, The Faith, The Joy, & The Redemption Factor. God is into EXTREME BLESSING! God wants to bless you abundantly so that He can use you as an advertisement on how well He treats His children.
Possessing Double (CD)
Our Price: $20.00
Making Money Move (CD)
Our Price: $15.00
God is trying to get your faith to a certain level so He can release His goods to you.
If you want the supernatural increase of God in your life you must first pass certain tests. This book is an invaluable resource to your daily Bible study with over 120 different translations on numerous topics!